Our Mission

A Bigger Boat is a 501 (c) 3 Public Charity which seeks to inform children and families through educational and entertaining formats.  Addressing topics pertinent to today’s youth, BBF is committed to engaging and inspiring its audience by creating musical productions, books, and media of high quality and entertainment value while delivering a message.  Our ever evolving mission is to reach future generations and encourage them to become responsible stewards of environmental, personal, and social issues.

How It Began

Once upon a time a girl grew up and married a nice guy named Billy. They had two sweet children named Abby and Will. The family adopted a silly dog named Freckles, and everything continued to be good. The girl who grew up had always dreamed of writing stories for children, so she did, and she shared them whenever there was time. It was all nice, sweet, silly, and good – smooth sailing.  Read More

Jamie’s most recent TED talk: